Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Memorette prototype is nearing completion, thanks to an impending deadline for a group show at the a.Muse Gallery in the San Francisco Mission District. I will be showing the Memorette player along with three cassettes:

God Side of the Coin, with music by Adam LaClave and film by myself 

Maddening of Desire, with music and film by Genessa Kealoha

Agoraphobia, with music and film by Genessa Kealoha

Each cassette will be displayed along side a 2D piece of art related to the cassette. Both of Genessa Kealoha's pieces will be the paintings used to create the time lapse animations for the films.

The Memorette player prototype is nearly finished. I am currently working with August Black on fine tuning the Arduino programming to make the machine run smoothly and yield the highest possible picture quality.